40 year of Polti

40 years of Polti

This is how we recount our first forty years: through the faces and words of the people who, together with the Polti family, have lived and built the company's history in the first person. It is a story that speaks above all of passion for one's work and of the determination necessary to achieve the objectives we continually set ourselves, but also of family, team spirit and many other values that we wanted to include in this year's official logo.

We were incredibly moved while shooting these videos, and we hope that a little of that emotion can reach you through the screen.

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Articles and insights signed by #poltipeople

We are a human company made up of unique and special individuals who give their personal contribution every day to build something new. We wanted to share the most important moments and the small challenges of each day through a series of articles that reveal the protagonists, often behind the scenes; read them all in the Polti Magazine section!


Small stories for a great Story

Episodes, memories, and emotions are the elements that characterize a big family and a wonderful story.

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