Vaporetto accessories

A wide range of accessories to enhance the performance and the practical use of your appliance to make it even easier to clean all washable surfaces in the home.

Scolla tappezzeria Vaporetto per aspirapolvere a vapore

Wallpaper stripper tool PANA0013

Easy wallpaper removal with the help of the steam

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Professional Iron for Vaporetto PFUS0002

Vaporetto becomes an iron

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Lancia a pressione Vaporetto per aspirapolvere a vapore

High Pressure Lance PANA0016

Steam cleans even the narrowest spaces

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Kalstop anticalcare naturale

Kalstop PANA0001

The natural product for preventing limescale that lengthens the life of your appliance with boiler

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Spazzola triangolare Vaporetto per aspirapolvere a vapore

Triangular Brush PANA0017

Targeted action for cleaning cornerss

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Set Descending Direction

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