Our history through our products

Polti's innovation and quality described through products.


Polti Vaporella dal 1978

The quality of a professional steam iron without sacrificing the convenience of an appliance for everyday use. In one world, Vaporella.


Polti Vaporetto dal 1983

Natural: steam is a special resource to deep clean the home and prevent allergies without chemicals.


Polti Lecologico dal 1999

A bagless vacuum cleaner with an innovative water filter that deep cleans the home and purifies the air you breathe.


Polti Lecoaspira dal 2000

The deep cleaning power of steam and the filtration capacity of a vacuum cleaner with a water filter, all in one revolutionary home appliance.


Polti Unico dal 2014

Vacuums, steam cleans and dries Unico is the multifunction vacuum cleaner that allows to take care of the house in an easy and quick way.


Polti Moppy dal 2017

The new experience of cleanliness is born: Moppy is the system that combines the effectiveness of steam with the simplicity of a cordless mop for cleaning floors and vertical surfaces. 


La Vaporella Polti - 10 anni di garanzia

The future of ironing, following the tradition. With La Vaporella, Polti reinvents the steam generator iron with boiler by adding cutting-edge technology that does not give up ease of use.


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