Forzaspira: cordless stick vacuum cleaner
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Lightweight, convenient, bagless.

The power of simplicity

Forzaspira: maximum suction stick vacuum cleaner

Forzaspira: range of bagless stick vacuum cleaners

Taking care of the house easily and efficiently

The Forzaspira stick vacuum cleaner range exemplifies Polti's commitment and mission to design simple, practical products which can be a valuable helper for daily household cleaning.

Forzaspira: cordless stick vacuum cleaner with handheld unit

Suitable for everyday cleaning

Rechargeable, cordless and bagless: the Polti Forzaspira stick vacuum cleaners are always ready-to-use and equipped with a detachable handheld vacuum cleaner that makes daily cleaning even easier. The revolutionary folding handle helps the user easily reach every corner of the house without bending and a turbo brush deep cleans carpets and rugs and removes pet hair.

Forzaspira: stick vacuum cleaners for fine dust

A cyclonic power

The Polti Forzaspira range uses CYCLONIC filtration technology based on the large cyclone in the dirt collector to separate the smaller dirt particles from the larger ones, thanks to the force generated by the cyclone. Any fine particles not filtered by the cyclone are then trapped by the filter unit in the output.

Forzaspira: cordless vacuum cleaner with lithium battery

Recharge without the wait with lithium batteries

Compared to conventional batteries, the lithium ion batteries used in the Forzaspira range of stick vacuums accumulate energy faster, do not suffer from the 'memory effect' and last longer since they lose their energy capacity more slowly. The advantage is the ability to recharge the appliance at any time without having to wait for the battery to go completely flat. Pretty handy, since it means you can always have your appliance charged, avoiding unnecessary waiting, especially when a "lightning" house cleaning is needed.

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