11 October 2019

Cordless stick vacuum: how to choose the best one for you

Cordless stick vacuum: how to choose the best one for you

One of the most commonly used appliances for house cleaning is the stick vacuum. Its form is similar to a traditional broom and you can use it as a classic vacuum cleaner, but unlike it, the cordless stick vacuum is more practical and lighter, so more convenient for daily housekeeping.

What is the best stick vacuum on the market?

It’s not possible to determine the best one because there is a wide variety of stick vacuum models. For this reason, it is necessary to analyze your own cleaning needs and identify the most suitable stick vacuum.

As a useful appliance for quick cleaning tasks, the stick vacuum must be light, possibly weighing less than 6 lbs, so that it will be less hard to move it from room to room or from floor to floor. Another important quality for stick vacuums is the folding handle that allows to easily vacuum under furniture, tables, beds, between chairs, and over the shelves. For a perfect clean there are models equipped with led lights on the brush to spot dust and dirt even in the darkest corners. The practicality of a stick vacuum often lies in its being cordless. Even though vacuum cleaners with batteries have some disadvantages, they are much easier to handle.

Choosing a cordless stick vacuum means to be limited by its battery life since once it runs out, you need to recharge it. The battery autonomy could be limited and, if you need to vacuum for long stretches of time, it could run out more quickly. Anyway, the comfort of not having the cord overcomes any disadvantage: you are free to move around, without having to plug and unplug the cord in every room.

Many of the new cordless stick vacuums are bagless too. With old models dirt was collected in throw-away bags that, once full, they were substituted; with new stick vacuum models you can forget about this feature. Indeed, the majority of stick vacuums has a dust collector that can be cleaned in a jiffy. This is a way to reduce waste too.

Last but not least, the vertical parking feature is something to be considered too: no need to lean your stick vacuum against the wall anymore since it can be self-standing.

Like for all appliances, when choosing the best cordless stick vacuum according to your own needs, you should consider which accessories it comes with: from different nozzles to a long lance to get to more difficult corners. Moreover, the transformation of a cordless stick vacuum to a handheld vacuum cleaner could influence the choice.

It’s good to remember that the stick vacuum cleaner can substitute for the traditional broom in the daily housekeeping tasks and it can be used to vacuum all home textiles, especially if you can convert it to a handheld vacuum cleaner. All you need to do is to choose the right speed according to the surface or fabric you’d like to clean.

And once you’re done with vacuuming, take advantage of natural steam cleaning methods to sanitize all surfaces.

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