29 November 2019

Cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner: why you can’t do without it

Cyclonic bagless vacuum cleaner: why you can’t do without it

While having a vacuum cleaner was seen as a luxury in the past, doing household chores without it is unthinkable nowadays. This is an appliance which both men and women love, really valuable as it is able to clean where the most traditional cleaning methods usually fail.

The vacuum cleaner history and its evolution shows a series of technological innovations which have produced really incredible results, not only in terms of hygiene and cleanliness, but also of practicality and ease of use. If today you can’t do without your bagless vacuum cleaner or your stick vacuum, consider that the first vacuum cleaner in history had to be activated by two people and it was transported in a horse-drawn carriage.

From traditional to ultra-technological models, discover the ones that have made history.


One of the first models of vacuum cleaner to appear on the market is the traditional dustbuster, used in many households still today. This model is usually cylindrical in shape, it has paper filter bags for the collection of dust and an elongated suction part with a fairly broad diameter. Today, you can buy bagless vacuum cleaners which are quieter and easier to handle than the older models.


The evolution of traditional vacuum cleaners quickly led to the launch of stick vacuum cleaners. They consist of a single body, light and easy to use only with one hand, perfect for daily and fast cleaning tasks. These are always more technological and innovative, there is a wide variety of models: from stick vacuum cleaners with cyclonic technology to more modern rechargeable cordless vacuum cleaners with folding handle to vacuum under furniture, tables, or between the chairs without efforts. Light, powerful and versatile some models have led lights on the brush to see any hidden dirt under furniture, under the sofa or in dark corners and they can be transformed into handheld vacuums too.


The transition from traditional to more innovative models has affected cylinder vacuum cleaners. They usually have a flexible hose, a container to collect dust, and are equipped with wheels. As an alternative to classic models, you can find also steam cleaners with integrated water filtration vacuum cleaners. Water filtration is much more efficient: it generates a vortex inside the dirt collector where the centrifugal force pushes the dirt to the bottom of the collector and water traps it, preventing it from scattering around and recirculating in the air. The air in the house is cleaner, also without using any chemical detergent.


Vacuuming, washing and sanitizing, all with a single appliance? This was a dream only ten years ago, but it’s now a reality thanks to steam vacuum cleaners. The suction power of modern stick vacuums and the sanitizing power of the most sophisticated steam cleaners join forces to create a new and unique way of cleaning, superseding any traditional cleaning system.

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