21 August 2017

Francesca Polti’s tips to young entrepreneurs

Francesca Polti’s tips to young entrepreneurs

August 21st is World Entrepreneurs’ Day, a celebration that aims to spread and promote business culture, innovation and leadership.

The day is an opportunity to encourage and raise enthusiasm among up-and-coming and future entrepreneurs to start new ventures and do business.

For this year’s upcoming World Entrepreneurs’ Day, Francesca Polti has been invited to speak on how she runs her family’s company and share advice that she has learned from doing so.


What does it mean to be a young entrepreneur driving the family business?

I approach my leadership role and responsibilities with discipline and rigor, but to clarify, that does not mean the work climate we have created is by any means rigid and inflexible. What I believe is one of the added values that a female manager can provide to a company is fierce determination along with a strong spirit of collaboration, flexibility and attentiveness; all of which are conditions that promote change and innovation.

One of my ambitions is to transform the company, that my parents founded almost 40 years ago, from a family-run business to a managerial one. By this I mean a company that emulates more of the ‘corporate’ feel but at the same time without losing many of the positive aspects of an informal working environment, like the freedom, trust, and flexibility to make your own decisions.


What is the secret to becoming a successful entrepreneur?

To create a cohesive and competent team. To be able to convey passion, energy, enthusiasm and determination. And to be constantly motivating and encouraging people, because this is the key to achieving your goals: by working together.


What skills should a young business person have?

They must be firm and determined, yet flexible and always listening. They must be ready to question and challenge themselves and have the necessary skills needed to plan and reach their goals.


What advice would you give to a young man or woman who decides to start a new company?

Creating and starting a business today means having courage and great dedication. The advice I give is to not break down at the first difficulty: these challenges should be seen as opportunities. Also, never stop thinking about the consumer—listen to the market, listen to the customer, and innovate. And above all, I would recommend creating a team of people with specific skills, valorising them and motivating them.

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