20 February 2018

Why A Steam Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Suck

Why A Steam Vacuum Cleaner Doesn’t Suck

While the impact of pollution continues to grow, it’s become more and more prevalent that changes need to be made in order to help consumers and the environment. Although most regular vacuum cleaners are able to remove dust, they can only do so from the surface. Steam cleaners on the other hand, can go deep into the base of any carpet, carpet fibers, in between tiles, and in the cracks of hardwood floors to eliminate dirt from the roots. Polti combines the most effective vacuum technologies with the sanitizing hygienic power of steam to provide all tools necessary for a deep and complete home cleaning in just one appliance.


Home cleaning with Polti:


Our Vaporetto EcoSteamVac Dual steam cleaner has an integrated water filtration vacuum cleaner, packed with hygienic action. The water filter generates a vortex inside the dirt collector, while a centrifugal force pushes the dirt to the bottom of the collector where water traps it in, preventing it from scattering and recirculating in the air. The EcoSteamVac Dual includes a technological safety cap that won’t unscrew, even if there is minimal residual pressure inside the boiler, to better prevent accidents. It can vacuum solids and liquids, while effectively cleaning different types of surfaces, such as floors, carpets and even your mattress! This product comes with tons of accessories, like a Turbo brush for floors and carpet and a steam + vacuum nozzle for all sorts of upholstered furniture, a universal brush with frames that uses both steam and the suction function, and so much more. It kills 99.99% of bacteria, fungi and mold that can infest your home, with the simple power of hot steam.  



Our Forzaspira series are light and powerful cordless bag-less vacuum cleaners. Attached to each unit is a handheld vacuum cleaner used for harder to reach surfaces, such as between sofa cushions or book case edges. The Forzaspira Orchid and Blue both come with a folding handle to help easily reach under tables or furniture. Even better, this series has a brush with LED lights that allows you to see dirt hidden under furniture or hidden in dark corners. It’s perfect for light colored floors, especially when removing human or pet hair. The Forzaspira has a motorized rotating brush that allows for use on hard floors, delicate floors and on carpets, that can be activated or deactivated with one simple action. With up to 56 minutes of operating time per charge and the turbo power function, this product can help clean every room in the house without having to stop and recharge.



Now could be a great time to buy yourself a steam cleaning vacuum that doesn’t suck! For a deep home cleaning and to better prevent possible sources of illness and allergies, Polti steam products always have you covered. Make sure to check out our website and be on the lookout for special promotions and discounts on select vacuum and steam-vacuum products.

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