14 November 2019

How to clean windows: make this hard work easier with natural methods

How to clean windows: make this hard work easier with natural methods

Window cleaning is one of the hardest chores that is always postponed. But sooner or later you need to take care of this task. Different types of dirt such as dust, rainwater or fingerprints of children, can make window cleaning a tricky and lengthy job. So how to clean windows effortlessly?

The weather can become an enemy during window cleaning. It’s best to avoid washing glass during rainy days. Also, warm and muggy days can be a problem because if you do this job in the blazing sun, the water will dry onto the hot windows before you wipe it off, leaving hard to remove streaks and rings. So, how do you get streak free windows?

It’s important to decide what kind of product to use. There are a lot of chemical cleaning agents on the market. Forget them and remember: it’s always important to safeguard the environment, preferring natural cleaners.

So, forget chemical products and start choosing natural cleaning solutions, using natural products or steam cleaners. The natural force of steam is good to remove germs and bacteria and to sanitize all surfaces, including glass and windows. The main advantage of this is the lack of pollution.

Why don’t you try to use a homemade glass cleaner? It’s easy! Vinegar, water, alcohol, and bicarbonate are very good for windows cleaning. All you need is 2 cups of water, ½ cup of vinegar and ¼ cup of rubbing alcohol: combine the ingredients and pour them in a spray bottle. Add bicarbonate if you want to get shiny glasses.

In case of a big window, a cordless window cleaner can help to leave no streaks. Polti Magico and its spray bottle is a quick and easy cleaning  solution for your windows, but also mirrors, glass, and other smooth surfaces.

Here are a few tips on how to clean your windows:

  1. Before you get started, remove any dirt from the window frame with a handheld vacuum.
  2. Clean the window with a microfiber cloth to remove dust
  3. Prepare your homemade glass cleaner or put water in the spray bottle
  4. Spray the natural solution on glass
  5. Clean your surface with the microfiber cloth incorporated on the spray bottle
  6. Dry it out with the window cleaner
  7. Use a microfiber cloth to perfect the cleaning

Some people like to dry glasses with newspapers, but the best solution is choosing microfiber cloths, which leave the glass streak-free.

And don’t forget: also steam cleaners can help during housekeeping. In specific, it’d be great to use a steam and vacuum cleaner because it can sanitize with the strength of steam and dry immediately while vacuuming for a perfect window without streaks.

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