15 January 2018

Polti: A Revolution in the Cleaning Industry

Polti: A Revolution in the Cleaning Industry

What began as a vision, turned into a revolution in the cleaning industry when Franco Polti had a brilliant idea to bring the quality of professional ironing into every home. In 1978, he created the Vaporella, which was the first steam generator iron with a high-pressure boiler for domestic use.



In search of making housekeeping even easier with more innovative products, Polti created the Vaporetto in 1983, which was the first ecological home appliance that cleaned your entire home with 120°C steam. Natural steam is a special resource that helps deep clean the home and prevent allergies without chemicals. By this time, the Polti brand had also come up with the thumb launching puff of steam, which is strongly rooted and well-known both in Italy and abroad.



To further express its commitment to the improvement of everyday life, Polti speaks out to families with their tagline "Più facile, più felici," which means “easier, happier.” Through this tagline, Polti set out to create more and more effective high-quality appliances. In 1999, a bag-less vacuum cleaner was created with an innovative water filter that could deep clean the entire home and purify your air.



By 2000, the deep cleaning power of steam and the filtration capacity of a vacuum cleaner with a water filter were combined to create one revolutionary home appliance: Vaporetto Lecoaspira. Polti further embodied innovation and strength at this time through its new tagline “innovative by nature.” This was the signature of a brand that believes in, respects, and is born from nature, while continuously trying to improve and create more effective and innovative products.



A particularly significant part in Polti’s history is the addition of the safety cap, which helped inspire the brand logo due to its’ unique shape. This patent made a huge difference compared to other competitors’ products in terms of innovation and foresight. From the tagline Natural Home Feeling, “natural” expresses the simplicity of a world to live in, which respects both people and the environment. “Home Feeling” is the feeling that refers to Italian families, their values, and their spontaneity.



Polti has since then reached the North American market, selling select products on Home Shopping Network in the U.S. and The Shopping Channel in Canada, as well as on the ecommerce portals of Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Target, Walmart, Wayfair and more. Polti has even created a steam cleaner specialized in killing bed bugs, called the Cimex Eradicator, which has proven to be a success in its short existence. With the constant innovation of easy and effective products, Polti continues to grow and succeed. A perfect example is the introduction of The Moppy in 2017, which acts as a new cleaning system for floors and vertical surfaces that uses a hot steam-charged cloth. As the 40-year Anniversary mark has finally approached, we look back on our history and how we have evolved into the revolutionary steam cleaning company that we are today and look forward to an even brighter future full of exciting challenges and innovations!

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