21 March 2019

Spring cleaning list: Polti helps

Spring cleaning list: Polti helps

No one likes Spring cleaning, but everyone knows they need to do it. If annual deep cleaning around the house might make you feel completely overwhelmed, don’t worry! Polti will help you!

Create your Spring cleaning list to make cleaning easier and more effective.

1. Divide your work

Dividing your work over several days will let you fill less effort and less stress. So, you will not get exhausted at the end of the day. Plan your Spring cleaning list.

2. Set your priorities

Decide your priorities. Choose if you want to apply yourself to heavier crafts or duller ones . Go from there and make a list, by including what should be done in order of importance.

3. Decluttering

Throw away what is unnecessary: in this way you can better manage and tidy up your spaces, having a clear idea of what is too much.

4. Deep cleaning

Spring cleaning is a chance for deep cleanliness of house fabrics, as sofas, rugs, curtains, and mattresses. Remember: avoid detergents and chemical producs and prefer natural solutions. It seems impossible to deep cleaning, but it’s easy: using steam power. With a steam cleaner you can clean up deeply the whole house: all compartments and stove of the kitchen, you can also sanitize all house fabric and it’s perfect to clean tile grouting as well as the whole bathroom.

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