13 March 2018

Spring into Cleaning with Polti

Spring into Cleaning with Polti

No one likes to spring clean, but everyone knows they need to do it. While an annual deep clean around the house might make most people completely overwhelmed, we’ve put together some tips and tricks on how to make spring cleaning easier and most effective. And with the help of Polti, you can spring into a deep cleaning with ease.

Spring cleaning with Polti:


We’re making a list AND checking it twice! If the number one thing keeping you from a good deep clean is the amount you have to do, take a step back and make a list. If you break down your list by area of your house, it makes the list seem much smaller and much more manageable. A check list of many items that once overwhelmed you, will be easy to handle when you see only a few tasks per section. A great way to break up areas of your house is surely by room, with a final section pertaining to the whole house in general. This would include any throw pillow or blankets that need to be cleaned, windows, windowsills and dusty blinds or ceiling fans, or shaking out any rugs. You’ll wipe away any dirt or grime around your house in no time!



Who said cleaning can’t be fun? On the contrary, you can make cleaning your house a fun activity if you use the right tools. If you’ve never tried a steam cleaner, you should give it a try this season. You’ll be surprised by how much fun it is to bring back to life the real colors of all the surfaces of your house. Another way to make cleaning more fun is setting goals or rewarding your hard work. There’s no better time to treat yourself than after a full day of work cleaning your entire home. Let’s say you want to deep clean your home and remove any clutter. For every room that you clean, make sure to get rid of at least 3-5 items. You can throw them out, give them away, or even sell them and use the money to reward yourself even further. In this little end game, the only real winner is you.



Polti has your spring cleaning covered with its wide range of steam cleaning products that eliminate germs and bacteria all throughout your home. But the best way to make your spring cleaning most effective is with Moppy, a product for daily use to help keep your floors and vertical surfaces clean every day of the year. The Moppy might as well be the epitome of cleaning with ease since it’s light, cordless and can reach all corners of your home. Because the Moppy is immediate, practical and quick, it makes cleaning your home simple, effective and fun. Clean with Moppy daily for a more manageable spring cleaning next year. If you buy a Moppy from March 20th – March 31st, you’ll receive 10% off AND our kit with 2 cloths for FREE.



There’s no better time to clean your home than in spring, and there’s no better time to purchase a Moppy than now! This product can completely transform your cleaning with its dust-catching electrostatic cloths and its ability to sanitize surfaces immediately without any streaks. With such an easy, effective and natural home cleaning product, you’ll never hate spring cleaning again.

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