20 December 2019

How to remove dust mites from your mattress: the perfect way is to steam and vacuum clean

How to remove dust mites from your mattress: the perfect way is to steam and vacuum clean

Cleaning the mattress and its cover is an operation as important as underestimated. Every day we spend about 8 hours in bed and the mattress systematically becomes the place where dead cells, dust and dirt tend to accumulate. The humidity and the heat of our body creates an environment that is favorable to the proliferation of dust mites, insect-like pests that are invisible to the naked eye, but particularly harmful because they can cause dermatitis and allergies. There are several methods to eliminate dust mites from your mattress, which can be done with the help of a steam cleaner, of a vacuum cleaner or thanks to other natural remedies. Let's find out how to do it together.

Cleaning the mattress: why should you do it so often?

Steam and vacuum cleaning really help to wash, clean, and sanitize a large number of surfaces in your home. However cleaning the mattress is something too often overlooked. Especially when in the presence of allergens, there are operations that should be performed regularly and daily.

Here are some tips to prevent the formation of dust mites in the mattress:

  • do not make the bed immediately:the warmth of the body creates moisture that promotes the proliferation of mites; better always to let it air out by letting in air in your room and sunlight before making the bed;
  • allow the mattress to breathe frequently, exposing it (if possible) to the sun;
  • change the sheets at least once a week;
  • frequently wash mattress and pillow covers at high temperatures;
  • choose a mattress with removable cover to facilitate cleaning operations.

These are very useful actions, to be implemented regularly, but unfortunately they are not sufficient. With the help of a specific vacuum cleaner or, even better, a steam cleaner, you can achieve optimal results even for those suffering from allergies.

How to remove mites from the mattress by steam cleaning and vacuum cleaning?

As mentioned, there are different ways and natural remedies to clean your mattress from dust mites. In all cases, however, vacuuming is always a fundamental operation for a better result. A natural way to eliminate mites  from a mattress involves the use of baking soda, a powerful remedy even against eggs. Cleaning the mattress with baking soda is simple: just sprinkle baking soda on mattress and leave it on for at least two hours; after that, you can complete the cleaning of the mattress with a steam or traditional vacuum cleaner to remove all residues.

Another natural remedy against mites that lurk in the mattress involves a treatment based on eucalyptus oil or tea tree oil. These are two powerful natural repellents that can be vaporized on the mattress or used on a damp cloth to rub on the mattress. When it is completely dry, you can finish with steam cleaning and vacuuming.

If home remedies are not for you, you can choose the sanitizing action of a steam cleaner with vacuum function, which allows you to vacuum up dust and other microorganisms; with the combined action of steam and vacuum function, you can eliminate the mites and absorb excess moisture at the same time. With a steam vacuum cleaner you can get better results even for those suffering from allergies, effortlessly  and in less time.

Now that you have discovered all the secrets to eliminate mites thanks to steam and vacuum cleaning, you can finally sleep peacefully!

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