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What is EcoSteamVac and what does it do?

It is an effective steam cleaner able to steam clean any washable surface and it is a powerful vacuum cleaner with water filter that keeps dust and allergens from being dispersed in the house.

How does the water filter work?

Air, together with dirt, suctioned by Vaporetto Lecoasipra is led with a powerful jet into the collector tank creating a whirlpool in the water contained inside; the centrifugal force generated by the whirlpool pushes impurities toward the bottom of the tank and holds them inside without dispersing them in the environment. For this reason the water filtration system is especially recommended for allergy sufferers.

Is it possible to clean only with steam?

The dry steam generated at high temperature by EcoSteamVac penetrates the dirt as if it was a liquid substance instead of gaseous; thanks to the heat, it detaches and dissolves the dirt releasing and holding all the components: grease, germs, bacteria and dust mites. Free from minerals and any electrical conductivity, it additionally neutralises the static load of dust particles destroying them more easily.

What does dry steam mean?

The steam at high pressure and high temperature (120° C) is "dry" because it cleans without leaving surfaces damp.

What is the difference between the new range EcoSteamVac and the previous models?

We have designed a new steam and suction hose which is lighter and more flexible to offer a better ergonomic and practical use. Additionally we have added new functions: Eco to limit the consumptions, Turbo Steam and Turbo Vacuum against stubborn dirt, Multifloor suitable for all floors.

How can I choose the model more suitable for my needs?

Use the button + COMPARE in the page of each product of our website to generate a comparison page between available models; you can evaluate the technical features, functions and standard accessories.

What can I clean with a EcoSteamVac?

All the washable surfaces: from floors to glass, cookers, bathroom fixtures, mattresses, curtains, carpets. You can also steam clean delicate surfaces, such as wood floor. Set the release of steam at the minimum level and before cleaning test a small area to verify the reaction to steam on it (or please refer to the manufacturer).

My floor is a wooden one (or stone) and it is washable with steam? What I have to do?

TFirst of all attach the cloth from the standard equipment to the brush for floors, ensuring you have applied the specific insert. If you own a model with automatic program or function for cleaning delicate surfaces, select the program or activate the function and the vacuuming will be automatically combined with a very delicate release of steam. If you have a model without a pre-set program, adjust the steam at the minimum level and release it with an intermittent flow to avoid to applying too much damp on the surface.

Can I use steam and suction right away or should I first vacuum the dirt?

For cleaning floors it is necessary before vacuuming to remove the substantial dirt and after to complete the cleaning activating both functions. This process guarantees the best results for cleaning and hygiene.

During the simultaneously use of steam and vacuuming function for cleaning floors, some small drops of water remain on the surface. Is it normal?

The Vaporetto's brush has ben designed to clean & dry the floor in just one go. If the floor where you are using the brush is particularly "textured" or "corrugated" (or if the tiles have not been laid evenly) there could be small rows of water. We suggest using the cloth that comes with the standard equipment to clean and dry in a uniform way to avoid leaving rings.

When I vacuum water or other liquids some traces are left on the floor. What can I do?

For vacuuming liquid, ensure you have set up the suction power to maximum level (MAX on the handle) and keep suction active for some seconds after removing the liquid from the surface in order that it can reach the collector tank.

What are cloths for?

The cloths included should be applied on the brush for floors and to clean more delicate surfaces, if they are washable with steam. Do not direct the steam jet onto delicate surfaces. For some floors with an irregular surface, such as porcelaine tiles, the use of cloth enables you to clean and dry in an more uniform way and avoids leaving rings.

Can cloths be washed-machine?

Yes, all the equipped cloths can be washed in a washing machine at a low temperature (30°C). Do not use bleach, do not iron and let them dry naturally.

Which accessory can I connect to EcoSteamVac?

All the accessories can be found in the Accessories section for EcoSteamVac. If you own a model equipped with automatic programs and you want to use the iron accessory, Steam Disinfector or Steam Mop accessory, remember to select the program with the symbol of iron!

Can I clean independently the boiler?

If you have a model with safety cap you can rinse the boiler as described in the instructions manual. If you own a model with unlimited operating time, we suggest to do the maintenance of the boiler in a Polti Authorized After Sales Service Centre; find the nearest centre visiting To keep the appliance running efficiently we suggest to always use Kalstop: an organic product, biodegradable and non-toxic product that prevents limescale build-up inside the boiler.

Can I clean the floor brush?

Yes, you can rinse the brush directly under running water and let it dry naturally or with the help of a cloth.

How can I clean the filters?

All the filters can be cleaned simply under running water. All components of the water filter can be replaced immediately without waiting for drying, whereas the HEPA filter should be allowed to dry naturally for about 24 hours.

The suction hose is dirt and blocked , what can I do?

Set the suction power to the maximum level and vacuum up clean water from a container in order to remove the dirt blocked in the tubes. Then just empty and rinse the dirt collector tank.