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What is the difference between a cyclonic and a multi-cyclonic vacuum cleaner?

CYCLONIC technology bases itself on the presence of a single large cyclone in the dirt collection tank, which is able to separate small dirt particles from the larger ones thanks to the power generated by the cyclone itself. MULTI-CYCLONIC technology on the other hand provides the presence of numerous smaller cyclones, in addition to the main cyclone, which increases the level of filtration separating the smaller dust particles as well.

What is the HEPA filter?

The HEPA filter is a filtration system consisting of microfibre sheets assembled in multiple layers and separated by thin aluminum foil; dust particles, mites and pollen contained in the air passing through the filter are captured and withheld, hence they do not return to the environment. For their high efficiency, HEPA or EPA filters are part of the category of "absolute filters"; they are able to withheld a quantity of particles from 85% to 99.995% depending on the class they belong to.

What is the Turbo Brush for?

Sometimes high suction power is not sufficient: hair and animal hair, for example, become trapped between the fibres of fabrics making the cleaning operation much more difficult. The mechanical action of the bristles present in the turbo brush (or in the mini turbo brush) separates the fibers of carpets and upholstery, allowing suction to act more deeply and remove dirt more effectively.

Why do Lithium-ion batteries last more?

Lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries build up energy quickly, do not suffer from the memory effect, so they can be recharged even if not fully discharged and last for a long time, since they lose energy very slowly.

Is any kind of detergent recommendable for my window cleaner?

Yes, Forzaspira window cleaners dry surfaces cleansed with any detergent; however, we recommend the use of Frescoglass for the best results.

Is it possible to use Forzaspira window cleaners horizontally?

Yes, Forzaspira window cleaners are suitable both for cleaning vertical smooth surfaces (glass, mirrors, tiles, shower cabins) and horizontal surfaces such as glass or lacquered tables. The sponge in the base of the drip container retains moisture preventing leakage.