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What is Moppy?

Moppy is the innovative solution for cleaning all types of floors and vertical surfaces: thanks to its dual function it captures dust with its electrostatic cloth and cleans and sanitizes with its hot steam-soaked cloth.

I can not remove stains

Moppy removes dirt and germs with its hot steam-charged cloth; if the effectiveness decreases it is likely that the cloth is drying or cooling so we suggest you return it to the base for a new steam charge.

The brush does not slide on the floor

The microfiber cloths provided with Moppy produce the perfect grip to remove and trap dirt from floors and vertical surfaces whilst, at the same time, guaranteeing maximum smoothness; if the cloth is not sliding then it is too dry, so we suggest you to return to the base for a new steam charge.

Is it necessary to empty the tank after cleaning?

No, if you use Moppy frequently it isn't necessary to empty the tank after every cleaning.

Can I use the same cloth on all floors?

The microfiber cloths provided in the package are suitable for all surfaces.

Where can I buy the microfiber clothes?

Microfiber cloths for Moppy are available in our e-shop (link )

Where can I buy electrostatic cloths?

Moppy is compatible with electrostatic XXL cloths generally available on the market.

What is the difference between Moppy and a steam mop?

Moppy is a cordless mop that allows maximum freedom of movement. it is lightweight, agile and has a height-adjustable telescopic handle. The cleaning plate is thin and has a large surface area that reaches even the most difficult spaces. Moppy reaches all places and also cleans vertical surfaces. Most steam mops are suitable only for cleaning floors. Moppy also has a dust-catching function using the electrostatic cloths. Steam mops have a limited working range due to the length of their cables; they dispense steam directly onto each surface.

What is the difference between Moppy and a steam cleaner?

Moppy is practical and easy to prepare, so is suitable for daily cleaning. Steam cleaners generate powerful high-pressure steam thanks to their boilers, but require time (even if minimal) to prepare and heat. Normally a steam cleaner is equipped with multiple accessories for cleaning different types of surfaces (toilets, hobs, tile grouting, upholstery and mattresses) Steam cleaners deliver steam directly onto surfaces eliminating even the most stubborn stains for a deep cleaning.

What are the advantages of Moppy?

Immediate, practical and quick, Moppy is ideal for daily cleaning. Moppy is cordless and, without a bucket, it doesn't waste water and doesn't require chemicals because it cleans and sanitizes with its hot steam-soaked cloth. Hands are always clean and dry, and floors dry faster without streaks.

How effective is Moppy?

Moppy has a double effectiveness, it removes and eliminates dirt, germs and bacteria: 1. Laboratory tests prove that Moppy removes even at the first pass 99.9% of germs and bacteria from surfaces, and that the dirt collected by the microfiber cloth is retained. 2. Laboratory tests also show that Moppy kills 99.9% of germs and bacteria simply by steam-charging the cloth on the base.

When do I have to use the electrostatic cloth?

Attach an electrostatic cloth directly over a dry microfiber cloth to remove dust, animal hair and human hair from floors. Remove the electrostatic cloth and vaporize the microfiber cloth to clean with steam.

Does Moppy's mop generate steam?

No, Moppy's mop does not produce steam. Steam is emitted from the base when you place the mop in the correct position; in this way the microfiber cloth is steam-charged and is ready for cleaning.

Can I use the brush without the cloth?

No, you can't use Moppy without the cloth that collects dirt. Even the electrostatic cloth for dust removal must be attached directly to the dry microfiber cloth.

When should I go back to the charging base?

Moppy's base has a double function: recharging the steam cloth and eliminating germs and bacteria collected from the surface. Go back to the base when you feel the cloth needs to be damper, for example if you feel a reduction of the smoothness on the surface, or whenever you want to eliminate germs. The more often you charge the cloth, the wetter it will be.

Can I use detergents on the floor or tiles?

The steam cleaning is effective without detergent. However, it is possible to apply a common detergent on the surfaces before cleaning with the steam-soaked cloth. We recommend that you thoroughly clean the charging base when you have finished cleaning, ensuring that the device is switched off and cooled down completely, in order to avoid any damage to Moppy.

What surfaces can I clean?

With Moppy you can clean all types of floors such as marble, tile and wood floors in addition to vertical surfaces such as tiled walls, doors, cupboard doors.

How does Moppy sanitize the cloth?

When you place the mop on the charging base the steam generated sanitizes the cloth and eliminates 99.9% of germs and bacteria *. After 20 seconds, the green light will confirm to you the sanitation of the cloth. * Testing conducted by an independent third-party laboratory.

How much can I clean with a full tank of water?

With a full tank (700 ml) you can clean up to 200 square metres. This result depends on many factors including the kind of surface you treat, how often you steam-charge the microfiber cloth. Moppy has a continuous refill system , you don't need to stop cleaning!

What accessories are included with Moppy?

The package includes 2 universal microfiber cloths for all floors and 2 electrostatic cloths XXL (30x50cm) to catch the dust.

What type of water should be used in the tank?

Moppy is practical and immediate to use, it works with normal tap water.

How will I know when there is no water in the tank?

If there is no water in the tank the charging base does not generate steam. You can check the water level any time by looking through the transparent side of the tank.

How do I attach the cloths?

Place the microfiber cloth on the floor with the Velcro inserts facing upwards and place the plate of the mop on the cloth: it will stick immediately. To remove the microfiber cloth put your foot on the tab and lift the brush firmly: the cloth will remain on the ground. To apply the electrostatic cloth lay the cloth on the floor, then position the mop at the centre of the cloth and fix the cloth by putting its corners in the buttons on top of the plate. The electrostatic cloth should always be attached over a dry microfiber cloth.

Does the floor dry quickly?

The hot steam generated on the cloth and the high quality microfiber facilitate quick and uniform drying.

Can I add detergents / essential oils in the tank?

No, Moppy works only with water. Adding detergents or other substances to the tank may cause damage to the charging base.

How can I see that the device is ready for use?

Moppy is ready in 10 seconds after plugging into the electric supply.

Are the microfiber cloths washable?

Yes, the microfiber cloths are machine washable following the instructions on the label.

Are the electrostatic cloths washable?

No, the dust catching electrostatic cloths are disposable

Can I place the mop on the charging base without activating the steam?

Yes, place the mop on the charging base with the arrow pointing towards the outside and fix the telescopic tube to the hook on the handle.

The charging base's plate is not uniformly hot.

It's normal based on the technical specification of the product. Moppy works correctly if you stand the mop on the base and align the arrows correctly; steam escapes evenly from all the holes of the base thereby ensuring the humidification and heating of the whole cloth.

After removing the brush from the base the green light is still on

It's normal. The green warning light will remain turned on for 15 seconds, even after removing the brush.E167