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What is Vaporetto?

It is the steam cleaner par excellence. With the use of steam alone it removes grease, cleans and gets rid of dust mites and allergens. It kills and removes 99.99% of germs, bacteria and viruses*. It cleans thoroughly, naturally and quickly.

What can I clean with a Vaporetto?

Practically anything, thanks to the accessories available: floors, glass, mirrors, tiles, gaps between tiles (eliminating ugly black lines), cookers (removing grease and built-up dirt), bathroom fixtures, mattresses (eliminating dust mites and allergens), sofas, upholstery, carpets and rugs, the oven, garden furniture, roller blinds and shutters, heaters, polishing gold, perking up plants, clearing blocked-up sinks, cleaning the inside of the car, removing grease from wheel rims… And if that’s not enough, you can even iron with ultra-powerful steam, if you add an iron accessory.

Does steam really clean?

Steam cleans thanks to three “physical” properties: water, temperature and pressure, which work together to dislodge grease and dirt from every corner of the home.

  • WATER: steam is made up of water molecules which bind to dirt molecules on contact, “softening” them.
  • TEMPERATURE: steam comes out at a temperature hot enough to separate and dissolve even the most stubborn dirt and grease while destroying any bacteria.
  • PRESSURE: under pressure dirt is completely “detached” from surfaces, so all you have to do is collect it up with a cloth or by vacuum cleaning.

Where does the dirt end up?

The dirt is collected by the cloth fastened to the accessory or held in the other hand. As steam passes through the fibres of the cloth, it produces a sort of electrostatic effect (similar to the process used in humidifiers) so that dirt is immediately attached to the cloth and will not be released.

What about delicate surfaces?

Set pressure to the minimum or use the cloth, folding it over if necessary. On particularly delicate surfaces, avoid direct contact with steam: spray the cloth and then clean.

Does steam leave wet on the surfaces?

The steam produced by the Vaporetto’s boiler is dry steam under high pressure. In contact with surfaces it does not condense, but dries immediately, leaving surfaces clean and dry.

What does “dry steam” mean?

It means that Vaporetto steam is generated at a high temperature under high pressure. This means it cleans without leaving surfaces damp.

Does the Vaporetto replace the vacuum cleaner?

The Vaporetto is not a replacement for a vacuum cleaner, but its ideal complement. Once you have used a vacuum cleaner to remove dust and “visible” dirt from floors and carpets, use the Vaporetto to steam clean, degrease and deodorise any surface in the home.

Is it really recommended for people with dust mite allergies?

The effectiveness of Vaporetto against dust mites has been tested in multiple scientific studies. Cambridge University and Lyon Dermatological Hospital have demonstrated the effectiveness of Vaporetto steam against dust mites (98% eliminated) and allergens (86% eliminated). Furthermore, British Allergy Foundation awarded Vaporetto its “Seal of Approval” for its effectiveness in eliminating mites.

How long does it take to clean with steam?

With Vaporetto cleaning takes less time and needn’t be done so often, because Vaporetto dissolves and collects dirt more easily than other methods. And clean, degreased surfaces won’t attract dust and more dirt, so they stay clean longer. You use just one product to clean everywhere, without changing attachments all the time. With Vaporetto you eliminate all the tools you would normally need to keep the house clean, that you need to pick up, wash, rinse, and put back in place: sponges, brooms, dustpans, buckets, brushes, cloths, feather dusters, carpet beaters, window cleaners, ladders for high surfaces, cleaning products for various different surfaces… All gone! And the power of steam makes it easy to dissolve dirt without scrubbing, so you work less! .

What is the safety cap?

The safety cap will not unscrew if there is any pressure at all in the boiler, even when the appliance is turned off. Along with a mechanical valve, it guarantees maximum safety and dependability against any form of unintentional opening.

Who makes Vaporetto?

Only Polti makes the Vaporetto. Safety, quality and service all over the country are guaranteed by thirty years of experience by Europe’s leading maker of steam cleaning and ironing appliances.